About Us::

The Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre (TTNIC) manages the registration of domain names within the TT (Trinidad and Tobago) Top Level Domain.
Its management is advised by a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group which has representatives from major local Internet stakeholders.
This is a domain name registry. For additional services (web hosting, email services, nameservers etc.) here is a list of local Internet services companies.

Domains Offered:

Single and Multiple Character Second Level Domains (e.g., a.tt and companyname.tt).
Third Level Domains under co.tt, com.tt, org.tt, net.tt, biz.tt, pro.tt, info.tt, and name.tt.
Third Level Domains under gov.tt (now managed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago ).
Third Level Domains under edu.tt are cost free with free hosting for local, registered, educational institutions and can be registered at www.edu.tt.
Third Level Domains under charity.tt are cost free for eligible charitable organizations. Please visit charity.tt to check if eligible and to apply.
DNSSEC support is free (send us your DS record)


Registrants must agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions and Policies.
Registrants agree to accept the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.
Please pay special attention to actions we take when harmful web sites are hosted under any of our domain names.

Registration Process:

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